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Rules of Conduct


Communication is a huge plus and will go along way with me.  If I am traveling to you I will keep you updated as to my ETA and expect the same from you. A simple text works.

Time spent:  

If by chance you find yourself wishing to stay longer please be prepared to compensate me for the extension of our time together.


Is just not appropriate and I ask that you be prepared to shower when you arrive. Make sure you are shaved/deodorant/clean teeth upon arrival. Razor stubble really hurts me as I have very sensitive skin. Do not smoke prior to meeting me, please.


None of any kind will be tolerated.  Please just no.

Donations and upon entering:

Upon entering there will be a table in the foyer, please put the proper compensation in the basket along with your phone and keys.  Place your ID on the table for my quick viewing. You may excuse yourself to the restroom to wash your hands. Never discuss the compensation at any time...this is a huge NO NO! If we will be in a public location, please put the gift in a card or a gift bag. 

How can you make your experience extra special?

Always keep communication first priority! If you desire to bring something with you (although it is not necessary), I do enjoy cheese, crackers, nuts and dark chocolate.  An unopened bottle of Champagne or Moscato for us to share is a great way to toast to our time together. Tips are not necessary, but I am very flattered by the gesture!


I am happy to provide you with a reference however I had to have seen you within the past year.  Plus the lady must be well known with an active website.

Ladies, I am happy to give a reference and appreciate you sending a link to your website. 


If you have been fully vaccinated, this is a plus and I will ask to see your card when you arrive.  I have been fully vaccinated.

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