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Friendly Handshake


1 Hour


Friendly Handshake

Let's Linger

2.5 Hours


Night Club

Dinner, Drinks, and Dancing

6 Hours


Young Romantic Couple

Getting to Know You

90 Minutes (preferred for new friends)



Cocktails and Candor

3 Hours


Romantic Dinner

Dinner to Breakfast

I sleep alone



A Little Longer

2 Hours


Set Table

Dinner and Drinks

4 Hours


Couple Enjoying Picnic

Entire Day

Up to 12 Hours



Please note the following:

  • Any date longer than 4 hrs. is at your upscale hotel otherwise meetings are at my place, which is located approximately 10 mins. NE from Downtown Orlando. 

  • Coming to Orlando to visit? I am happy to come to your upscale hotel. Pick a package and add $50 travel fee. I really do prefer a 90 min. minimum if I come to you. 

  • Most importantly I am happy to meet you if you are 21 yrs. of age. I have no race, nationality or orientation issues.  As long as you are a gentleman and I can verify you, then you are golden!

Looking for some date ideas?

  • How about Brunch or dinner. Of course, dessert will be served!

  • Stand up comedy shows are always fun. Nothing like real laughter!

  • How about live music? Being a teenager in the 70's I do enjoy rock n roll but also love a DJ who plays top 40's!

  • Now of course, shopping is always fun. I truly am not a high maintenance kind of woman but I do appreciate all things in life. 

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